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Laboratory Safety

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Safety in the Laboratory

The chemistry laboratory must be a safe place in which to work and learn about chemistry. In order to be sure that it is safe, there are certain safety rules that must be followed. Most of these involve just using common sense. Be sure to know and to follow all the safety rules.

Read and initial each safety rule/procedure.

  1. _____ Wear chemical splash goggles at all times while you are in the laboratory. They must be worn to cover your eyes.

  2. _____ Wear a chemical-resistant apron.

  3. _____ Wash acid, base, or any chemical spill off of yourself immediately with large amounts of water. Notify your teacher of the spill.

  4. _____ If chemical substances get in your eye, wash the eye out for 15 minutes. Hold your eye open with your fingers while washing it out.

  5. _____ Observe the safety alerts in the laboratory directions.

  6. _____ Tie long hair back so it cannot catch fire from a Bunsen burner flame. Hair burns very readily.

  7. _____ Wear shoes in the laboratory that protect your feet. Do not wear bulky clothing.

  8. _____ Never eat or drink in the laboratory. Do not chew on the end of a pen that was lying on the lab bench.

  9. _____ Lubricate glass tubing with glycerol or detergent before putting it into rubber stoppers. Wrap the tubing in a towel, and hold it close to the stopper while gently twisting and inserting it. Never force it.

  10. _____ If you take more a chemical substance from a container than you need, you should not return the excess to the container. This might cause contamination of the substance remaining. Dispose of the excess as your teacher directs.

  11. _____ Never smell anything in the laboratory unless your teacher tells you it is safe. Do not smell a substance by putting your nose directly over the container and inhaling. Instead, waft the vapors toward your nose gently fanning the vapors toward yourself.

  12. _____ Never taste materials in the laboratory.

  13. _____ Never work in a laboratory alone.

  14. _____ Know the location of and the method of operation of safety equipment: fire extinguishers, safety shower, eye wash, safety blanket, fume hood, emergency gas cut-off.

  15. _____ If you burn yourself on a hot object, immediately hold the burned area under cold water for 15 minutes. Inform your teacher.

  16. _____ Keep the laboratory desk, sink, storage areas, and floor clean, dry and neat.

  17. _____ Put lids or caps back on bottles and jars.

  18. _____ Clean up spills immediately. If you spill a very reactive substance such as an acid or base, notify the people in the area and then obtain assistance from your teacher. Acid spills should be neutralized with baking soda, base spills with vinegar before cleaning them up.

  19. _____ Never heat a closed system.

  20. _____ Be sure you have lighted a match before turning on your Bunsen burner.

  21. _____ If your Bunsen burner goes out, turn the gas off immediately.

  22. _____ When heating a test tube, never point the open end at anyone.

  23. _____ Always add acid to water and stir the solution while adding the acid. Never add water to an acid.

  24. _____ Report all accidents to your teacher.

  25. _____ Clean up broken glass with a brush and dustpan. Do not use your fingers.

  26. _____ Dispose of broken glass in the specified container. Do not mix glass with other waste.

  27. _____ Absolutely no horseplay is allowed in the laboratory.

I, ________________________________________, have read the laboratory safety rules and procedures and will follow them at all times. I understand that safety violations can have adverse affect on my grade in this class.



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One copy will be given to student after it is signed; another signed copy will be kept on file in the main office.