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Frederick High School

Advanced Placement Chemistry

Course Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. J. Kevin Stropes

Location: (Lecture Room) Room 3; (Laboratory) Room 4

Introduction: AP Chemistry (Advanced Placement Program Chemistry) is an introductory college level course offered at Frederick High School. By taking AP Chemistry, you will be taking a course similar or identical to the General Chemistry I and II classes offered at several Colleges and Universities. In this class we will explore several sub-fields of Chemistry, and complete a minimum of 16 laboratory experiments, to develop your understanding of Chemistry.

Course Objective: This course is designed to 1) present an in-depth, college level study of Chemistry, 2) aid students in developing college level critical thinking skills and study habits, and 3) prepare students for the comprehensive AP Chemistry Exam given in May. Students that earn a score of three or higher are eligible for college credit.

Expectations: This IS a college level chemistry course and will be taught as such. In order to be successful in this class, students must perform at college levels. All work will be graded at college performance levels. In addition to the state P.A.S.S. objectives, this course is regulated by the standards of the Advanced Placement Board.


CHEMISTRY: The Central Science, 8th Ed., Brown-LeMay-Bursten

Addition laboratory manuals and handouts provided by

instructor as needed.


Required Materials:


Ink Pens, blue or black ink only


3-ring binder with note paper

Laboratory Notebook

Suggested Materials:

Pocket Calculator with spare batteries

Minimum type: TI Scientific Calculator

Recommended: TI-83 or higher Graphing Calculator

3" x 5" Index Cards

Hi-Liter(s), various colors

All materials are to be brought to class daily regardless of activities planned.

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND LEADING TO SUCCESS IN AP CHEMISTRY: Students will draw upon previous learning in science and mathematics. Due to the advanced nature of this course, students should have successfully completed a minimum of Algebra I with a 3.0 (B); Chemistry I with a 3.0 (B). It is recommended that students have additional background in Physical Science, Geometry, and Algebra II. Students will be required to demonstrate their ability to convey scientific content via bluebook examinations, so a strong background in English composition is helpful.

Successful students will devote a minimum of an hour, daily, to study in this course. All assigned readings must be completed prior to class discussions. All assignments are due on the assigned dates. No late work will be accepted. No extra credit work is authorized for this class.

Academic Honesty: All students are expected to complete their own assignments. Cases of academic dishonesty will be referred to school administration for disciplinary action, and a grade of 0 will be recorded for that assignment.

Laboratory Safety: In accordance with existing regulations, all students must complete, with a score of 100%, a standardized laboratory safety examination within the first five class periods. No student may perform experiments or any laboratory work without direct supervision of a certified science teacher. Substitute teachers will not supervise laboratory activities. Student may be referred to school administration for any infraction at any time. Repeated infractions may lead to a student loss of laboratory access.

Grading Methods: Advanced Placement Chemistry is listed as an honors level course and grade point values will be assigned as outline in the student handbook in accordance with district policy. Individual assignments will be graded using the standard 10% scale: A, 100-90; B, 89-80; C, 79-70; D, 69-60; F, 59 and below.

Topical Assignment Schedule

  1. Structure of Matter [6 weeks]
  2. Atoms: The Building Blocks of Matter

    Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms

    Chemical Bonding

    Nuclear Chemistry

  3. States of Matter [6 weeks]
  4. Physical Characteristics of Gases

    Molecular Composition of Gases

    Liquids and Solids


  5. Reactions [12 weeks]

Chemical Equations and Reactions


Acids and Bases

Reaction Energy and Reaction Kinetics

Chemical Equilibrium

Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

  1. Descriptive Chemistry [4 weeks]

The Periodic Law

Carbon and Hydrocarbons

Other Organic Compounds

Assignment Categories

The following categories have been created for this class. It is possible that not all of them will be used; however, no new categories will be added this year. The weight number is the MULTIPLIER; the total points from that category are MULTIPLIED by that number in computing your final grade. IT DOES NOT REPRESENT THE PERCENTAGE THAT CATEGORY PLAYS IN YOUR FINAL GRADE.


Safety Test 1

Pre Test 1

Post Test 5

Video 5

Homework 15

Quizzes 15

Lab Activities 20

Tests/Projects 20

9 weeks Test 30

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Mr. J. Kevin Stropes

Advanced Placement Chemistry Instructor

Frederick High School

(580) 335-5521 - school

(580) 335-7238 - home