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Science Connections
Chapter 2 Section 1

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1 class period

2-1 Matter

The purpose of this section is to introduce students to the term matter; in particular, the properties of matter. Students will learn that matter can be distinguished by specific properties such as color, texture, odor, and so on. The main thrust of the section, however, is to point out to students that there are general properties that apply to all forms of matter. The section ends with the key idea that there are several general properties of matter mass, weight, volume, and density. These general properties of matter will be explored in subsequent sections of the chapter.

The themes that can be focused on in this section are scale and structure, unity and diversity, and stability. All these themes, as they relate to matter, are inter-connected by the commonality that all objects are made up of some form of matter.

Scale and structure: Stress that all objects, no matter their size, are made of matter. You may want to introduce the concept of the atom, pointing out to students that regardless of their size or structure, all objects are made of atoms.

Unity and diversity: As you discuss the general and specific properties of matter, make sure students understand that despite the many forms and types of matter both on Earth and throughout the universe (diversity), all matter is made of the same basic components (unity).

Stability: It will be easy to demonstrate to students that forms of matter can change in terms of their specific properties. For example, a piece of wood is quite different after it has been burned in a fire than when it was part of a living tree. Despite these overt changes, the basic properties of matter (mass, weight, volume, and density) are stable.

Performance Objectives 2-1

  1. Explain what is meant by the term matter.
  2. Describe matter in terms of specific properties.
  3. Identify general properties of matter.

Science Terms 2-1

Matter, p.40

Property, p.40

  • What is matter?
  • Name four general properties of matter.